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🗺 SRE Landscape

👴🏻 Words of wisdom

📝 Always use numbered list instead of bulleted lists

Why? It is easier to discuss each topic points by referencing numbers instead of repeating whole point.

🔮 What?, Why?, When?, Who?, Where?, How?

When you are doing anything always answer these questions in this specific order.
1. What we are doing, is project fully defined?
2. Why we are doing this, is it really necessary?
3. When this needs to be finished?
4. Who will be working on this project? He/She should be part of the planning.
5. Where we will implement it? Cloud? On-prem? Shed? Attic?
6. How to successfuly build our project based on all previous questions.

🖐 Use 5 Whys technique when something broke up

  1. Why? 👉 The battery is dead.
  2. Why? 👉 The alternator is not functioning.
  3. Why? 👉 The alternator belt has broken.
  4. Why? 👉 The alternator belt was well beyond its useful service life and not replaced.
  5. Why? 👉 The vehicle was not maintained according to the recommended service schedule. (Root cause)

☺️ Hanlon's razor

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity

🧫 DevOps

DevOps is not Person, Team or Tool, DevOps is a Culture.

By Culture I mean:

  1. End to end Ownership.
  2. Automation where it make sense, which is pretty much everywhere besides prototyping.
  3. Everything as Code. From app, tests deployment, infrastructure and monitoring.

🧘 Poject planning

... is hard, because usually client doesn't know what end user needs and developer is trying to keep up with change requests in huge development ecosystem. This will inherently result in delays or a mess, but most probably both. It is ok, we all have to think about development as dangerous journey full of pitfalls, rather then walk in the sunshine. See nice video from mpj about this topic

Last update: 2022-06-01